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Persecution UK – Christian magistrate victimised

January 2017

Former magistrate Richard Page, who was dismissed as magistrate after expressing the view that a child’s best interests lie in being raised by a mum and a dad, has been blocked from returning to his role as an NHS trust non-executive director.

According to the Christian Legal Centre (CLC), which is continuing to support Mr Page, he is set to challenge both the Secretary of State for Health and the Secretary of State for Justice.

In March 2016, Mr Page was dismissed as a magistrate by the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice, after more than 15 years’ unblemished service on the bench, for comments he made about children ideally needing a mother and a father.

Shortly afterwards, Mr Page, who has nearly 20 years’ experience as a finance director in the NHS, was suspended from his role as a non-executive director of Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust.

The Trust said that in its view, Richard’s expression of his beliefs about family life would ‘have a negative impact on the Trust, its staff and most importantly its patients’.

CLC director Andrea Williams said Mr Page’s experience was ‘another example of Christians who hold biblical views being deemed unsuitable for public service’. She said it demonstrated the ‘harsh reality of how the current equality and diversity framework is being applied and imposed. It is not bringing people together but driving them apart. The whole framework needs to be overhauled’.

The CLC has asked for prayer for Mr Page as he challenges these decisions.

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