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Youth – SALT Youth Conference

December 2016

Grace Baptist Partnership and Trinity Baptist Church, Dundee, held their twelfth and largest youth conference on 25September, in north Edinburgh. It was great day of lively and applied Bible ministry.

It is encouraging to see an increasing number of teens and twenties being drawn to solid teaching and Christian fellowship. The theme was timely and challenging: how do you live as a Christian when everyone is busy getting stuff, having fun, doing what they want and couldn’t care less?

Ali McLachlan tackled the unfulfilling treadmill of materialism from Ecclesiastes 5 and pointed to fullness of joy in the infinite God. Tom King spoke of the bankruptcy of prodigal living, compared with the pleasurable celebration of living for the Father. Conrad Pomeroy tracked society’s transition from ‘anything goes’ to an oppressive ‘morality’ of the few being imposed upon us.

Thanks were given for the timeless and gracious rule of God. As usual, the teaching provoked many questions for practical discussion in the question and answer time.

Mr King completed the day, challenging apathy, considering the almighty God humiliating himself and, in his Son Jesus Christ, taking ‘the form of a slave’ to wash us clean with his own blood.

The food and recreation were excellent. Please pray that an increasing appetite for Bible-based living would spread among this generation.


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