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Media – Bible evidence unearthed

December 2016

Archaeologists in Israel have found evidence supporting the Bible’s account of the fight against Ba’al worship. According to a report in Christian Today, written by Ruth Gledhill, archaeologists have proved that passages of the Bible about the triumph of Judaism over the pagan Ba’al worship are true.

The report cited the fight against paganism in the biblical city of Lachish, which says, ‘Then they demolished the pillar of Ba’al, and destroyed the temple of Ba’al, and made it a latrine to this day’ (2 Kings 10).

Earlier this year, excavations in Israel discovered an actual physical toilet of the kind referred to in this passage. The stone latrine was deliberately inserted into a Ba’al shrine to render it unclean, and therefore unusable as a shrine any more.

Archaeologists were investigating the gate shrine from the First Temple period, dating from the eighth century BC. Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) investigated the southern three chambers of the gate. The northern chambers had been excavated decades earlier by a British expedition.

One of the three southern chambers turned out to be a shrine to the pagan deity. Sa’ar Ganor, excavation director for the IAA, told Christian Today, ‘It means we have the evidence. The Bible and the archaeology are matching’.

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