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Conferences – Free Church School in Theology

November 2016

The 64th Free Church School in Theology was held from 5-8 September at Carronvale House, Larbert.

The School commenced with an historical paper by Rev. Alasdair Macleod on the great Presbyterian leader, Alexander Henderson, showing how he and the other Scottish Covenanters defied Charles I in his attempts to impose ritualistic worship on the Scottish church, for the sake of the kingship of Christ.

Rev. John Goldby (representing the Trinitarian Bible Society) described his involvement in mission to Israel in recent years, and especially his work in coordinating the translation of the New Testament into modern Hebrew, and encouraging support for mission to the Jews.

Rev. Trevor Kirkland brought a particularly interesting paper on the important subject ‘Loving God for his own sake’. He urged the need for true love for God in his own attributes as part of our devotional lives, drawing on examples of God-centred preachers in past generations.

Rev. John J. Murray offered a thoughtful ‘Analysis of Highland Spirituality’, acknowledging some weaknesses in the practice of historic Christianity in the Scottish Highlands, while urging that we must take on board the challenge of the richer spirituality of a past generation.

Similarly practical was the challenge from Rev. David Silversides, warning of the ongoing spiritual battle for believers in ‘The church and Satan’s devices’. Rev. Graeme Craig brought a thorough and moving exegesis of Psalm 116, showing how the whole psalm can be shown to relate to the experience of Christ. Rev. Andrew Allan addressed 1 Corinthians 12, on ‘Ministry in the Body of Christ’.

Perhaps the highlight was an exceedingly cogent discussion of the ‘Implications of the two wills in Christ’, by Rev. Bill Schweitzer. This showed the importance of this somewhat obscure Early Church doctrinal controversy, and the preciousness of the doctrine itself.

The whole School was an encouraging and enjoyable experience of learning and fellowship. Anyone interested in recordings, or in attending next year’s School on 4-7 September, should contact the secretary, Rev. Andrew Allan, [email protected]