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Society – Politicians need prayer

October 2016

A Devon church minister has set up an organisation to help encourage Britons to pray for their local and national politicians.

Rev. Mike Davies, who is the senior minister at Okehampton’s Inspiration Church, has just graduated in a course studying ‘Leadership in public life’. The course involved meeting many senior politicians, diplomats, and ambassadors. Mike graduated earlier this year in Geneva, Switzerland.

Since completing the course Mr Davies set up an organisation to encourage Christians to pray for politicians. The Facebook page already has over 230 members.

He said, ‘On meeting several senior politicians, I was amazed at how much negative words and criticism they received. The Bible encourages Christians to pray for those in authority. However, there is a tendency for people to speak and write negatively to, and about, politicians, and this cannot be helpful’.

The organisation ‘Praying for politicians UK’ can be found on Facebook. Each day an inspirational quotation on prayer is provided, supported with a Bible verse. A list of five politicians is then provided as a prayer focus for the day. These politicians are from the House of Commons, House of Lords, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Assembly or UK members of the European Union.

Each politician is then written to, advising that they and their families have been prayed for. Mr Davies said, ‘Everything we say, or write, has the potential to either build or destroy. Our words, whether they are positive or negative, can have an impact. We look to provide words of encouragement and support through prayer. Most of us will have experienced the negative power of cruel words. Imagine receiving them every day’.

He said he hopes the number of those providing daily prayer for politicians will continue to grow. Mr Davies is also encouraging churches to pray for their local MPs and local councillors.