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Education – Ergon Fellowship

August 2016

All Souls, Langham Place, has launched a programme called the Ergon Fellowship. The fellowship is a 10-month programme, designed to equip workplace disciples to realise a deeper biblical understanding of their paid work.

The aim is to establish a small Christ-centred community, whose understanding of God’s word and mission for those in paid employment will transform their experience and impact as kingdom professionals.

It is designed for those in the first third of their career. So the expected age of candidates is 25-35 years old, with at least two years of employment experience.

 As well as benefiting from a work-focused discipleship within a small group context, each member of the fellowship is paired with an experienced mentor. There will be fellowship meetings, with monthly prayer, teaching and discussion, peer review triplets, daily appointments and quarterly one-to-ones with a senior course member.

Course members will receive teaching from a range of leaders, which is expected to include Hugh Palmer, Chris Wright, Rico Tice, Jenny Brown, David Turner, Anthony Billington and John Wyatt.

The fellowship begins the second weekend of September 2016 and will finish at the beginning of June 2017.