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Politics – Merkel’s beliefs

February 2016

Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, has a ‘difficult to discern’ relationship with God, an article has claimed.

Writing for the Theos think-tank, Nick Spencer, research director for Theos, said that the German leader may be a serious believer, but one whose faith is ‘thoroughly private and difficult to discern with any confidence or in any detail’.

He claimed that, on many occasions, she has refrained from making a comment in public on morally contentious issues, such as that of gay marriage, while making speeches about the need to receive refugees fleeing from peril.

In his blog, one of a series of articles documenting the beliefs of contemporary and recent world leaders, Mr Spencer said: ‘This, of course, was of a piece with Merkel’s generally responsive and conciliatory style, but simultaneously of her insistence that religion, or deep-felt religious issues, whether half a millennium old or thoroughly contemporary, should not prove divisive and destabilising.

‘Once again, whether this is deemed sensible, principled, pragmatic, or cynical is likely to depend on who is making the judgment’.

Ms Merkel, who was born in 1954 to a Lutheran pastor and theologian, has also claimed that her country suffers from ‘too little’ Christianity.

Mr Spencer wrote: ‘There has been little discussion about how Merkel’s Christian faith informs Europe’s most powerful leader.’ Her biographer has concluded that she “was more intensely affected by her family home and the Christian faith than she was by her study of physics and scientific thinking”.