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International – Norway’s ‘Stalinism’

February 2016

Christians around the world have shown significant solidarity for a Norwegian family whose five children were removed from them by the authorities for ‘Christian indoctrination’.

Demonstrations against the forced removal and adoption of five children belonging to Norwegian Ruth and her Romanian husband Marius Bodnariu have already been held at the Norwegian embassies in 24 countries, including England, Spain, Canada, Ireland, Romania, the US and India.

The Christian Institute has reported on the nightmare experience that overtook this Pentecostal family who had been living in Bucharest, Romania, and moved back to Ruth’s hometown in Norway to raise a family.

While nursing the fifth child, baby Ezekiel, Norway’s child welfare service the Barnevernet, acted on a tip-off from a school that the two eldest daughters (8 and 9 years old) had told their head teacher that they had a strict Christian upbringing.

The two daughters were instantly removed by police and placed in foster homes and, according to the uncle, who has been campaigning on behalf of his family, the girls were told their parents had forgotten about them.


The two younger boys were removed from the family home while the father was at work. When he arrived home to find his wife in tears, they both went with their three-month-old baby to the police station to resolve the situation.

But because at the police station the mother was so visibly distraught, police and the Barnevernet removed her baby — who is still breastfeeding — claiming that the mother’s behaviour was dangerous to the child.

The four older children have been put up for adoption already, while Ruth and Marius are only allowed to see the baby in his new foster home for a couple of hours a week.

According to the uncle, who has set up an petition that has 51,441 signatures as at time of writing, the Bodnariu’s lawyer plans to challenge Barnevernet’s decision in Norway’s Superior Court, but no trial date has been set.

The uncle, Daniel Bodnariu, said, ‘These actions of the Barnevernet terrifies any normal parent who loves their children. These parents love their children and have taken every imaginable step in raising their children with loving care in all aspects of their well-being.

Their hope is founded, and rests, in God. He can change any situation and is always in control. Please pray for Marius, Ruth, and their children, as God can give them deliverance out of this difficult trial’.

In May 2012, the Barnevernet took two Sri Lankan children away from their mother, because they shared a bedroom and ate too much chocolate, as reported in The Guardian at the time.