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Mission – Dyslexic Gospels

November 2015

The Bible Society has created editions of the Scriptures to help make the Bible accessible to people suffering from dyslexia.
Among these editions are included a dyslexia-friendly edition of Mark’s Gospel, EasyEnglish Gospels and large print Bibles.

In a statement, the Bible Society highlighted the dyslexia-friendly Gospel according to Mark. This uses the Good News translation to present the story of Jesus, with emphasis on his actions.

It follows the principles for dyslexia-friendly formatting and is printed on cream-coloured matt paper to minimise reflection.

According to the Bible Society, another translation has been created for those struggling to learn English. The version, ‘Mark tells us the good news about Jesus’, is an ideal translation for those learning English as a second language, or as a resource for schools with pupils of mixed reading ability.

It uses simple English, written in short sentences using a limited vocabulary of 1200 words.

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