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Bibles for walkers

November 2015

The Gideons have placed nearly 1000 Scriptures in key locations, at places popular with walkers in the British Isles.

According to Mohammad Farsi, writing in the autumn issue of Gideon News, on behalf of Gideon’s zone 3 Scripture blitz steering committee, the team undertook an ‘intensive effort’ to place as many Scriptures as possible in areas where walkers and visitors would stay. The popular trekking spots covered by zone 3 were the Pennine Way and Coast-to-Coast path.

Mr Farsi said the idea stemmed from the experience of zone trustee, John Coldwell, who had walked the Pennine Way about five years ago and asked one guest house whether they would be interested in having Gideon Bibles in their guest rooms.

The routes are so long that the steering committee divided the routes into five sections. It was tough work but with rewards. In one youth hostel a team member is reported to have led the proprietor to Christ.        

Mr Farsi wrote, ‘By God’s grace, we visited more than 400 establishments and placed 970 scriptures in total. This broke down into 557 hotel Bibles, 328 service testaments and 85 personal worker testaments’.

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