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Real Life

September 2015

Grace Baptist Partnership (GBP) Scotland reports: ‘It was a joy to serve alongside Grace Baptist Church Edlesborough, Bucks, from 21-28 June in a concerted series of evangelistic efforts. 

‘An excellent team of 30 from Scotland, England and the USA were enabled to reach thousands of homes in a number of villages with gospel literature and visits. Invitations were given to 15 gospel meetings through the week, with Steve McAlister, Ali McLachlan, Barry King, John Blanchard and Peter Williams preaching, among others.

‘Meetings were well attended with an encouraging number of visitors, some of whom returned more than once. Many residents were impressed to see a living and vocal gospel church in their midst. One neighbour said, “There’s been more activity in that church this week than in the last 40 years!”’

Pray that listeners and attenders would become disciples of the Lord Jesus, and be joined to the church there.

The aim is to use Real Life as an evangelistic template for other churches. We have developed talks, display materials and websites (see The ‘Real Life Edinburgh’ week of evangelism is planned for 18-26 June 2016.

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