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Champions Arise

August 2015

Champions arise logoA new radio ministry has launched called Champions Arise, which will help men who struggle in their walk with the Lord.

According to a statement from Champions Arise, of every ten men in the church, nine will have children who leave the church, five will have problems with pornography and four will get divorced.

One Mozambican man said, ‘We need so much help’ — words that helped to inspire Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio (TWR) to create the project.

The radio programme aims to provide focused Bible-based coaching and prayer to enable men to become the husbands, fathers and steadfast ‘champions’ that God wants them to be. The ministry is headed by Edmund Spieker, former TWR international director and husband of Marli Spieker, founder of TWR’s Project Hannah women’s ministry.

At the launch, Lonnie Berger, whose Every man a warrior books form the basis of several episodes of the radio programme, emphasised a paradox: effective men’s ministry often develops in response to women’s ministry. He said, ‘Millions of Christian women have been begging [God] for decades to help men, to help them be better husbands, better fathers, and to be the spiritual leader of the family’ (more information from


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