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Hebrew boot camp

July 2015

Tyndale House, Cambridge, has reinstated its ‘Hebrew boot camp’, hosting several Cuban students for an advanced, intensive visit to study the Word of God in Hebrew.

According to a statement from the centre, Tyndale House is an ‘ideal environment’, because it allows students to concentrate fully on Hebrew for about 10 hours a day, over the course of 7-10 weeks. The statement said: ‘This intensive work has shown remarkable results. They are regularly reading four chapters of the Hebrew Old Testament a day and coming to class well prepared to discuss the text’.

The six students, who had been part of a 10-strong student group visiting Tyndale House in January, have seen ‘tangible results’ and, thanks to support, three or more will be able to come back over July and August this year, to study Hebrew poetry and write a Master’s module on the book of Psalms.