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Persecution in India

July 2015

Hindu radicals have been rampaging through Christian areas, destroying churches and religious buildings. Most recently, a gang attacked three churches in Indore, in the Madhya Pradesh state, shattering windows and destroying the interiors of the buildings. On the same night in another part of the state, Hindu radicals threw bricks at a Christian centre for children with disabilities.

In a report from Barnabas Fund, one of the centre’s leaders said, ‘Thanks to the Lord’s divine providence, no one was injured and the children were not present at that time’.

In one Indore church, vandals broke the PA system and other items inside the building. In another, they threw burning rags into the building in an attempt to set it on fire. Police were immediately alerted and managed to put out the flames. At a third church in Indore, radicals threw stones at the exterior of the building, shattering its windows.

According to Barnabas Fund, Hindu nationalist group Sanskritik Jagran Manch is suspected to be behind the attacks. Members of the group had threatened direct action against the president of the opposition Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi, who was set to open a Christian orphanage in the city. The orphanage was officially launched the day after the attacks.

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