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Child Care Bill

July 2015

Measures proposed by the UK government to protect children and vulnerable young people will not go far enough, Christian children’s charity Spurgeons has warned.

In a statement, Ross Hendry, chief executive of Spurgeons, called on churches to step up to the challenges raised by proposed changes to the Child Care Bill and to the troubled families component of the Full Employment and Welfare Benefits Bill. He also asked Christians to work with Spurgeons to care for disadvantaged children and families across the UK.

He said, ‘The government is setting out to tackle some deep-seated and complex problems, and that is to be supported and applauded. Too often those in power have avoided difficult choices. But I am concerned that some of the measures proposed will fail to meet the significant problems faced by the families with whom we work’.

According to Mr Hendry, the benefits cap reduction is likely to hit families with children the hardest; while doubling childcare provision to 30 hours might seem like a good move, but not when budgets are tight.

‘What are the checks and balances to ensure that apprenticeships do not become a source of cheap labour? What are the safeguards for the well-being of many young people from vulnerable backgrounds?’ he added.



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