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OM Ships

May 2015

Logos HopeOperation Mobilisation (OM) Ships have completed its Power Up project and re-launched the Logos Hope into active ministry.

The three main aspects of the project have been to replace two of the vessel’s generators; replace the main switchboard to cope with the increased electrical load; and installing a heat recovery system. This will ensure that any previously wasted heat energy of the exhaust can be used for heating fuel and oil.

Peter Nicoll, chief executive of OM Ships in South Africa, said, ‘We have experienced God’s blessing in the financing, planning and implementation of this crucial project. This gives us a more efficient and reliable platform for the ministry that God has called us to in the years to come’.

The news came after a lengthy project, called the Logos Hope technical project, finally reached its conclusion.

According to OM Ships, this successful finish to the project is the result of tens of thousands of hours of planning, ordering parts and materials, transporting new machinery to the ship, installation, commissioning and, most recently, familiarisation training for the new systems.

The Power Up team was led by project manager Matt Blair and OM Ships marine superintendent Elon Alva, who said, ‘We look back and see God’s protection and provision. We have had people with the needed skills, good working relationships with the right people in the shipyard, and the support we need’.

While the project was taking place, approximately 70 teams, comprising 250 crewmembers, spread out around the world, to bring the gospel and demonstrate God’s love to people across six continents, in 40 different countries.