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Christmas Carols Radio

December 2014

Christmas Carols Radio

A radio station has been launched that will play nothing but traditional Christmas carols and Bible thoughts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Christmas Carols Radio was founded by Ben Vane, a former radio producer, who is now an ordinand in training for ministry at Oak Hill Theological College.

He said, ‘For years I’ve been wrestling with how we might ever attract non-Christians to engage with media that communicates the gospel. And then it hit me. The one time that non-Christians do engage with the Christian message is at Christmas – and there’s no more striking example of this than the church carol service’.

Previously a producer for Capital and Heart FM, Mr Vane set up the station after three years of planning, with his sister, Emma Vane – a professional voice artist and actress who works in radio and television. 

It will play traditional Christmas music, sung by choirs and solo vocalists, with Christmas reflections written by Mr Vane on the Gospels.

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