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Seeking the Lord

January 2015 | by Mostyn Roberts

Few conferences are as unfashionable as the Reformation and Revival Fellowship, and few as relevant. We believe in prayer and preaching, and that is what we get. The messages at Swanwick, in November 2014, can be summarised under a few grace-filled imperatives.

Look! Graham Hind, MD of Evangelical Press, led us to Hebrews for the opening sermon, exhorting us warmly to look to Jesus as the full and final revelation of God, our present help and our future hope.

Seek! Kenneth Stewart of Glasgow Reformed Presbyterian Church wonderfully applied the life of Asa, focusing on ‘The Lord is with you while you are with him’ (2 Chronicles 15:2). We were reminded that, though God initiates the covenant relationship, in his dealings with us he is responsive. If we seek him, he will be found.

Pray! This is the heart of seeking. It is labour, but persist and wait in it.

Contend! Derek Cleave took us to Jude. We are to contend earnestly, by living the faith as well as watching for error. Most people slide into error through laziness and carelessness. Like Asa, Noah, David and Gideon, we can be most likely to fall when we are comfortable, perhaps with major battles fought and won behind us.

This was a delightful conference, rich in ministry and fellowship. CDs from or 01642 648512. Next year’s speakers, on 16-18 November, are Joel Beeke and Geoff Thomas (bookings 01564 772966 or [email protected]).

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