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January 2015

On Saturday 18 October, Andrew Lolley was inducted to the pastorate of Craigie Reformed Baptist Church in Perth.

It was good to see the coming together of God’s purposes for this small church in the middle of Perth, and the desires of Mr Lolley and his wife, Jill, to serve the Lord in a full-time capacity.

Mr Lolley attended Tinshill Free Church, Leeds, at university during the mid 1980s. He then worked as an industrial chemist and in retail before a strong call to the ministry led him and his wife to change direction.

He studied full time at London Theological Seminary (LTS) for two years, and then waited on the Lord for his leading. There followed a year at Childs Hill Baptist Church in London, where he worked as pastoral assistant before the call came from north of the border.

The previous pastor of the church in Craigie, Perth, had only been in post for less than a year, when he had to return to Australia for family reasons. This left the small congregation dependent on an itinerant ministry, once more praying fervently for the Lord to make his will known.

An introduction by Grace Baptist Partnership was the first step in bringing the Lolleys and the Craigie church together. After three visits, much prayer and consideration, the church called him as their pastor.

God’s Word

A congregation of about 80 people from Scotland and England gathered at the National Christian Outreach Centre Annexe, Perth, to witness the induction. The meeting was led by Pastor Gary Brady from Childs Hill and the message from 1 Timothy 4 was given by Robert Strivens, principal of LTS.

Martin Sellens from Tinshill, Gary Brady and Mike Miles from Craigie described the background to the call, before Mr Lolley responded. The charge to the pastor and church was carried out by Barry Garth from Penicuik Baptist Church.

In his message, Mr Strivens set out Paul’s teaching to Timothy as a young pastor. At the centre of a true pastoral ministry is the Word of God and the godliness of the pastor.

Our confidence in ministry ultimately does not come from numbers, young families or mature Christians, but from the living God who will never fail us. He is able to keep his promises and has no lack of power.

After the service there was a lovely tea and time of fellowship at the church building on Glover Street. Although the present membership is small and elderly, we recognise the Lord’s provision and look to him for the future with anticipation.

Pic (l to r): Gary Brady, Barry Garth, Robert Strivens, Andrew Lolley, Tony Hutter (former pastor of Craigie), Martin Sellens Martin Sellens and Mike Miles






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