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Newtownbreda outreach

October 2014

This summer, Newtownbreda Church hosted a special evangelistic night in the Ramada Hotel at Shaw’s Bridge, Northern Ireland.

The ballroom, which holds 900 people, was already full, with hundreds queuing to get in — prompting the police to arrive and sort out the traffic chaos.

In the end, roughly 1100 people were packed in, but 200-300 people had to be turned away, many of whom had been invited by Newtownbreda’s congregation. Several hundred of those attending were non-believers.

The night, called ‘Road to Success’, also drew in many men from local rugby clubs, as Ulster Rugby’s Ruan Pienaar and Paul Marshall were speaking at the event.

The men talked ‘simply and clearly’ about their life as professional sportsmen and about the faith that sustains them, and their love for Christ. Ulster captain Johann Muller, in a pre-recorded video, also spoke of his personal faith, while Craig McMillan, a former rugby player whose accident left him paralysed, told the attendees of how Christ sustains him.

Pastor Trevor Ramsey gave a talk on the book of Ecclesiastes, which warns about ‘dead-end roads that lead nowhere’. He urged people to ‘remember their creator’ and warned about gaining the whole world, but losing their soul.

According to Mr Ramsey, ‘When it was over we were exhausted and all we could say was, “How great is our God!” Dozens of booklets were taken, barriers were broken down, the gospel was presented clearly to many non-Christians and church members were encouraged at the response’.

This article was shortened, with permission, from a fuller version in ABC Insight, the magazine for the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland