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Home for Good

October 2014

The Evangelical Alliance (EA) has turned its Home for Good campaign into a full-blown charity to encourage Christians to adopt and foster.

Exactly 75 years after Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s government activated Operation Pied Piper, to whisk children out of harm’s way as World War Two loomed, another rescue mission is being launched for vulnerable children.

Back then, children in London, Cleethorpes, Grimsby, Coventry, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and other cities were evacuated to safe locations out of the reach of German bombers.

Today, according to the EA, a different crisis looms, as more children are being taken into care than ever before — equating to one child every 20 minutes, with another 6000 children awaiting adoption.

The EA believes that if at least one family in each evangelical church opened their homes, this crisis would be resolved.

As of 1 September, Home for Good will aim to help solve the problem, according to Steve Clifford, general director of the EA.

He said, ‘The effect of the campaign over the past two years has been extraordinary. The combined efforts of Care for the Family, Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service and the EA, led by Krish Kandiah, have seen the issue of adoption and fostering explode into the consciousness of evangelical Christians.’

Dr Kandiah, himself a foster carer and adoptive parent, said, ‘We believe the church is uniquely placed to help find thousands of children the homes they need; it is a vital part of every Christian’s calling to care for the vulnerable’.





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