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Faith minister

September 2014

A pro-Christian minister has been appointed to become secretary for communities and local government after Muslim MP Baroness Warsi stepped down in a protest about Britain’s policy towards Israel.

Eric Pickles was made the new government minister for faith in August, a move that, according to the New Statesman, has ‘frustrated many secularists’ due to Mr Pickles’ strong support for Christian freedoms in recent years.

In an article in the New Statesman, it claimed that Mr Pickles has ‘regularly used his platform to attack secularists’. Earlier this year, he stated that Britain was a ‘Christian nation’ and that ‘militant atheists’ should ‘get over it’.

According to the report, that particular outburst had been prompted by a legal bid by the National Secular Society to prevent local councils including prayers as part of their official agenda.

In 2012, Mr Pickles introduced new laws to override a High Court’s decision to ban councils from having prayers at official meetings.






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