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Broken families

September 2014

Nearly 400,000 children in England and Wales have two home addresses, as a result of separation and divorce, figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have shown.

According to the data, taken from the most recent census (2011), 386,000 under-16-year-olds split their time between two homes.

The breakdown in family life is most rife in the poorest parts of inner cities, with some of the highest proportions among single-parent families — although these children are less likely to have a second home.

As reported in The Telegraph, Tower Hamlets in East London has the lowest concentration of children with two homes, less than 1 per cent of all dependent children in the borough, although with a high Muslim population there could be less divorce, the ONS suggested.

Those families with cohabiting parents grew to 2.9 million over the same period. The ONS said it would become increasingly common for children to share their lives between two homes. In six out of ten cases, the second home address is in the same local authority area.


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