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New FCC moderator’s address

July 2014

If secular leaders show no signs of repentance, Christians should pray for their downfall, Rev. Allan Murray, the new Moderator of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), has said.

In his inaugural address, given in May, Mr Murray claimed that Christians should pray leaders would be brought to repentance, but, if this were not forthcoming, should pray for their removal from this earth.

In the 2014 assembly address, called ‘The triumph of Christ over his enemies’, Mr Murray said, ‘There can be no doubt that the enemies of biblical morality are on the ascendancy. More and more legislation is being passed with high sounding buzz-words, such as equality, diversity and anti-discrimination, but which have the actual effect of curbing freedom of speech.

‘These curbs will more and more affect the free preaching of the gospel’. He added that there was still a triumph for the Christian, namely of Christ over all his enemies.

Taking 1 Corinthians 15 as his text, he declared that the resurrection gave us certainty that there would only be two groups — those resurrected to life, and those resurrected to damnation.

Mr Murray added: ‘Let us learn this picture, and let us use it in the present dark times to lift us up when enemies of the gospel seem to triumph. The sure fact is this: that every single person and army, whom Satan has been allowed to use to oppress us and discourage us, will be put down’.

Speaking of the issue of same-sex marriage, he said, ‘We were so powerless: but, the David Camerons, the Nick Cleggs, the Ed Milibands, the Alex Salmonds of this world will be put down, unless they repent. Yes, we should be praying that God would bring them to repentance, and that he would do all that is necessary to bring that about.

‘But, in the absence of repentance, we must pray for their downfall; for their removal from this earth; and for a hastening of the day when they will be put under the feet of Christ’.