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Schoolgirl abductions

July 2014

There has been no sign of the 270 Nigerian schoolgirls who were abducted by Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram, despite intense international condemnation.

While the search continues, Nigeria has come under increasing pressure from its fellow African nations to crack down on the terrorism, which has been rife in northern Nigeria for several years.

In a statement, the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI), a pan-African conference of Christian leaders hosted by Ghana, called on terror group Boko Haram to release the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls and described the abductions as ‘a new and insidious evil’ which has to be addressed.

Conference moderator, British peer Lord Paul Boateng, expressed the ABLI’s solidarity with the 270 schoolgirls and their parents. He said, ‘The abducted girls are precious to their family and friends; they are precious to Nigeria, precious to all of us across the world and infinitely precious to God who created them.

 ‘Boko Haram must answer to everyone for these girls and ultimately they must answer to almighty God’.

During the conference, Prof. Jerry Gana, the former Nigerian minister of information, said, ‘Nigeria should have known, because over the years many young people were sent away from their families and raised on the streets. They didn’t have the care of mothers to inculcate values and discipline.

‘Years later, these young men have turned to violence. They know little of education, so they say “Boko Haram” (“Western education is sinful”). What started as a small thing has blossomed into something much bigger. Today, Boko Haram is well funded’.



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