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Hudson Taylor Ministries

March 2014

A UK branch of the Hudson Taylor Ministries (HTM) has been formed, following the launch of Hudson Taylor Stichting (HTS), Netherlands, and Hudson Taylor Ministries, USA.

During a recent visit to the Scottish Highlands, the director of HTM projects approached a Presbyterian minister and shared his vision of forming a UK branch. From that initial contact, the UK branch was conceived and others have been brought on board to help facilitate the start-up.

HTS is a non-profit organisation founded by a small group of Reformed men in Holland in 1996. Through contacts among the house churches in China, a need was perceived for Reformed literature and for training lay church workers in mainland China.

Among other things, HTS organises Bible training sessions for lay church workers and house church leaders, to help them become better acquainted with the confessions, catechisms and other classic Reformed material. The training is conducted by pastors from the Netherlands Reformed Church and Free Church of Scotland (Continuing).

Currently the UK branch is at an embryonic stage. Yet much work is going on, that we expect to bear fruit in time. The UK branch now has its own website (

To date, HTM UK has approximately 250 contacts on its mailing list. To receive a copy of the first English edition of the HTM magazine, and, if your church/name is not already on the mailing list, please contact HTM UK.

Please remember the work of HTM in your prayers that God would be pleased to glorify his name.














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