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Mayor investigated

March 2014

The second most senior judge in England and Wales, the Master of the Rolls, has ruled that Mayor of London Boris Johnson should be investigated for his part in banning a Christian charity’s bus advert.

The controversy began in April 2012, when Christian charity the Core Issues Trust attempted to put its own adverts on Transport for London (TfL) buses. These read, ‘Not gay, ex-gay, post-gay and proud. Get over it’.

This was in direct response to the Stonewall adverts a few months before that had said, ‘Some people are gay. Get over it’.

However, just as the Core Issues Trust adverts were set to run, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who was campaigning for re-election, is alleged to have ordered them not to be displayed.

According to Andrea Williams, of Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre, a Freedom of Information Act request uncovered an email that read, ‘Boris has just instructed TfL to pull the adverts’.

In his judgement, Lord Dyson said, ‘in the interests of justice’ there should be further investigation into the mayor’s involvement.

Following the judgement, which marked two years of legal wrangling for the Core Issues Trust, Ms Williams said, ‘This is a fantastic result. Not only has Lord Dyson argued for further investigation, he’s also acknowledged that people who turn away from unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction are protected in law’.







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