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Westminster Fellowship

January 2014 | by Mostyn Roberts

After 70 years at Westminster Chapel, the Westminster Fellowship will begin meeting at Westminster Baptist Church, Horseferry Road, from February 2014.

The Fellowship is a ministers’ fraternal, open ‘to men exercising ministry in a local church or among the churches’ who give wholehearted agreement to its principles.

It was started in 1942 by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, then in his early years at Westminster Chapel, and enjoyed unique growth and blessing under his leadership.

The Fellowship is now smaller in number, but members still value, uphold and seek to practise the principles of conservative evangelicalism and experimental Calvinism in today’s context.

Central to its ethos is that true Christian unity arises from the gospel, not from organisational connections. In some ways, we are more of a national than a London fraternal, as members come from far afield. This adds breadth and depth to the issues we address.

We engage in vigorous discussion, often in response to challenging speakers. Discussions are conducted in a spirit of true fellowship and not simply of intellectual debate. We want to go away spiritually fed and helped in our ministries.

If you are involved in Christian ministry and would be interested in knowing more, please contact the secretary at [email protected]

Mostyn Roberts