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Coalition for Marriage

December 2013


Campaign group the Coalition for Marriage (C4M) has published a free guide to help schools and teachers who are concerned about their legal rights and responsibilities.

Since the government backed same-sex marriage, teachers and those in education are worried that their beliefs about marriage will not just be disrespected, but considered against the law.

Worries have been emerging since the government seemingly backtracked on assertions made earlier this year that people will be allowed freedom of conscience.

However, a more recent statement by Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove MP seemed to indicate that freedom of conscience could end up contrary to the law. He said: ‘It is perfectly clear that there will be no requirement on any teacher to promote a view or doctrine with which they feel any discomfort.

‘There is a key difference between denying a fact and a law of the land. If the Bill passes, equal marriage will be a fact and a law of the land and requiring someone to promote it. It is on that distinction that the liberty of conscience of teachers and, indeed, of anyone in public service, rests’.

However, no school can or should force teachers to endorse the redefinition in the classroom, or indeed to take action against teachers who support traditional marriage.

To download a copy of the free guide, go to



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