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LTS thanksgiving

September 2013

A large number of people attended the London Theological Seminary (LTS) annual thanksgiving service during June.

The event was organised by chairman of the LTS’s board, Irving Steggles. It provided a great opportunity to hear stirring testimony and an excellent sermon. Rupert Bentley-Taylor, from Bath, spoke on 2 Timothy 4. He reminded students of the sorts of people, both encouraging and discouraging, they will be going on to work alongside.

The service included hymns, prayers, the principal’s report and testimonies from students. An extra element this year was presentations given by retiring lecturers Basil Howlett, who has lectured on pastoralia; and Dr Robert Oliver, church history. It was fitting that their work should be marked in this way.

That time marches on and change is all around us came out also in the report from principal Robert Strivens. The last year has seen the deaths of one founder lecturer, Graham Harrison; and two former students, Ravaka Rajo in Madagascar and G’Tot Setyeboedi in Indonesia.

The students leaving this term are from four different continents. Some are going on to pastoral work, some are taking on further study, and others are waiting on the Lord for the next step.

The day ended with tea on the lawn in the sunshine, with fellowship and chatting with friends adding to the joy of the experience.

Gary Brady