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Christian awards offer £50,000 in prize money

August 2013

A competition aimed at encouraging innovation in communicating the Christian faith, and promoting new ways to reach people without Christian contact, has been launched by Premier Christian Radio and the Christian Initiative Trust.

The Mustard Seed Awards offer £50,000 in funding for Christian charities, groups and individuals, with prizes of £15,000, £12,000, £8,000 and £5,000.

Last year’s top winner was ventriloquist and puppeteer Marc Griffiths from Sheffield, who devised a teaching tool using puppets to communicate identity and meaning to children.

Peter Kerridge, CEO of Premier Christian Radio, said he hoped the awards produced life-changing ideas: ‘Our objective is to support grass roots efforts by Christians and Christian bodies to encourage engagement with Christianity’.

Siân Edwards, director of Christian Initiative Trust, said, ‘We believe that great things can come from small beginnings and that, in the hands of ambitious and determined people, our prize money can help to make the world a better place’.

The sincerity of such initiatives is not in doubt, but the right way for the work of God’s kingdom to be extended is prescribed by the Lord himself. Scripture never advocates drama, puppeteering or ventriloquy, but rather the ‘foolishness’ of ‘preaching’ the gospel (1 Corinthians 1). God’s methods are always best!





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