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Second marriages

June 2013

People who marry a second time, after divorce or bereavement, have claimed their marriages are more stable, a survey by the Marriage Foundation has revealed.

     According to a report from the think-tank, second marriages are more stable than first marriages, challenging the widely held belief that couples who remarry are doomed to repeat the mistakes from their first marriage.

     The research predicted that 45 per cent of all couples who marry for the first time in 2013 will divorce during their lifetime. However, divorced couples who marry for the second time have only a 31 per cent chance of their marriage ending in divorce.

     Harry Benson, communications director at the Marriage Foundation and author of the report, Second marriage: triumph of decision over hope, said, ‘Second marriages only appear to do worse if you compare couples of similar age. But this is not a fair comparison, since second marriages by definition happen later than first marriages.

     ‘Overall, second marriages do better, because couples who get married for the second time are invariably older than those marrying for the first time’.

     The report also suggested that the age at which couples marry is a key predictor of whether the marriage would stand the test of time.

     Mr Benson added: ‘Men’s commitment is especially dependent on decision-making. Fewer second marriages for men are subject to the social and family pressures that lead into some first marriages. Hence men tend to do better second time around’.

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