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EA criticises Steve Chalke

March 2013

EA criticises Steve Chalke

The founder of the Oasis Trust and Faithworks, Rev. Steve Chalke, has been criticised by the Evangelical Alliance (EA), after Mr Chalke carried out a gay blessing in his church.
    Quoted in Christianity magazine, Mr Chalke — whose controversial and heretical stand on penal substitution caused a stir a decade ago — defended his evangelical credentials after stating his support for committed same-sex relationships.
    In the magazine, Mr Chalke said, ‘the church should “consider nurturing positive models for permanent and monogamous homosexual relationships”.’
    He also said he had ‘conducted a dedication and blessing service following the civil partnership of two wonderful gay Christians’, at Oasis Church, Waterloo, in London, where he is minister.
    However, Steve Clifford, director of EA, said Mr Chalke had ‘distanced himself from the vast majority of the evangelical community here in the UK, from the church across the world and 2000 years of biblical interpretation’.

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