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Domestic violence

November 2012

Domestic violence

Churches in the UK can be more aware of domestic violence, respond to it and help prevent it, according to two organisations.
    ‘Restored’ is an international alliance that works to transform relationships and end violence against women. ‘The White Ribbon Campaign’ is the UK branch of a global campaign to ensure that men take more responsibility for reducing violence against women.
    Together they have produced resources for churches on ending violence against women and girls. These provide information to help church leaders, including statistics, key issues around violence against women and girls, how this relates to Christian values and biblical references.
    Mandy Marshall, co-director of Restored, said, ‘We know that there are women in the church and in our communities who are being abused, often suffering in silence. We want to equip churches to help end this violence and respond effectively’.
    The resource aims to equip churches to speak out, from the foundation of the Bible. The hope is that churches will use the theme of domestic violence in sermons across the country on 25 November, White Ribbon day, the UN International Day for the elimination of violence against women (more information from:

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