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Egypt and Syria

August 2012

Egypt and Syria

Release International has called on William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, to keep human and religious rights at the forefront of any talks with Egyptian and Syrian authorities.
    According to Release’s new director Colin King, Christians in Egypt fear increased persecution following the popular vote for an Islamist President-elect, while Christians in Syria have been subject to attack, kidnap and murder.
    He said Release welcomed statements from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt which stated that religious freedom will be protected in the country and the nation remain a civil state.
    However, Mr King said, ‘Judging by the exodus of Christians from Egypt, many remain unconvinced. They are looking to President-elect Mursi to protect their security and guarantee their freedoms’.
    Mr King said Release partners have estimated that up to 100,000 members of the Christian community have left Egypt since the uprising, leaving the Christians who remain feeling increasingly vulnerable.

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