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Scottish Reformed Conference

August 2011 | by Richard Buckley

Scottish Reformed Conference

The 22nd annual Scottish Reformed Conference was held on 14 May at Hamilton College. More than 450 people gathered. A crèche was provided for babies and toddlers. It was great to see so many families with young children; and the children’s work was not just child minding but teaching our children the ways of God.
Joel Beeke from Grand Rapids in Michigan, USA, was the main speaker. He preached twice, instructively and encouragingly, despite a throat problem. The first time was from Romans 7, about our spiritual struggles
as believers. This was under the title ‘Wrestling for inward holiness’.
Dr Beeke said that just as the Psalms reveal the heart of the writer, so in Romans 7 we see the heart of the apostle in the midst of spiritual warfare.
The last part of his exposition sought to answer the question why the Christian life has to be like this. Apart from keeping us reliant on the Lord, it is to teach us to subject our consciences to the Word of God — a matter so significant amongst Christians in Scotland today.
His second talk was from Hebrews 12, under the title ‘Staying on the racetrack’. We were encouraged to ‘keep on keeping on’, as did Old Testament fellow believers in Hebrews 11; and as did our Lord (Hebrews 12).

The second speaker was from Northern Ireland. On his first visit to this conference, Pastor Steven Curry gave a striking message from Philippians 2:5, reflecting on the glories of Christ and the effect that ought to have on our life as believers.
The prime motive of Paul in this section is ethical. Hence the title of the message was ‘Christ Jesus — a pattern for Christian service’.
When considering that Christ emptied himself, we usually ask ‘Of what?’ But Mr Curry taught us we ought to ask ‘Into what?’ In his incarnation, Christ Jesus made a ‘subtraction by addition’; he emptied himself by taking our human nature.

A new aspect of our work began recently. It is aimed at young people, and provides an opportunity for them to have fellowship and address issues they face in a society seeking to destroy its Christian foundation and bearings.
At our next conference, on 12 May 2012, we look forward to welcoming Drs Steve J. Lawson and Iain D. Campbell (
Richard Buckley


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