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News – The armour of God

August 2010 | by Matthew Pickhaver

The armour of God


On 30 May, children from the weekly Kidz Klub at Oulton Broad Free Presbyterian Church took part in another special family service. It marked the end of a six-part series about the armour of God, and was called ‘What to wear to the war’.

      The seven songs, which the children sang heartily, included: ‘A soldier in the army of the king of kings’, ‘I’m in the Lord’s A-Team’ and ‘God is good to me’.

     Thirteen children received certificates for reciting from memory Ephesians 6:13-18, including a girl called Isabelle, who is just five years old.

     The large congregation included many family members and other visitors who joined in with songs such as: ‘Stand up, stand up for Jesus’, ‘Marching on in the light of God’ and ‘Rouse then, soldiers’.

     As well as an explanation of the armour, the story was told from Acts 3-4 of ‘the man who asked for alms but got legs’, and of Peter and John standing boldly before the religious leaders with the words ‘neither is there salvation in any other’.

     Pray that it may be said of the children too that others ‘took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus’!

Matthew Pickhaver


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