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A Bible college on your doorstep

March 2010

A Bible college on your doorstep


The Christian Ministry Training Course (CMTC) is now up and running with 16 students. While the course offers in-depth training for those considering pastoral leadership, there are no college buildings and all the students have other full-time interests.

     Martin Woodier, Director of CMTC and pastor of Bethel Evangelical Church, Otley and Ilkley, explains: ‘The need to train future church leaders is a vital and urgent concern, particularly in smaller churches. Our vision is to put in-depth Bible and ministry training within reach of as many people as possible so that they are not excluded by any practical reason, be it financial, or family, or job, or geography, or church commitments.

     ‘All they require is a heart for God and a serious intention to learn and study alongside their current commitments. We therefore set out to provide serious training which is affordable to average people from any size of church and does not require the students to leave their job or home’.

     The course achieves this by combining a hefty dose of modern technology with in-depth residential weeks, twice a year. Students download lectures from the CMTC website, and are pointed towards other websites where quality lectures by well-known international teachers are available freely.

     They listen to up to four lectures per week on their iPod, MP3 player or computer, and complete a thorough course of biblical and theological studies, church history, contemporary culture and ministry, in around 600 lectures over four years.

     There is also an online student forum to help with questions and application of course material. Then, two weeks a year are spent in residential learning concentrating especially on practical ministry skills. There are also six assignments per year.


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