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News – Doubting Darwin

March 2010

Doubting Darwin


Theos, the public theology think-tank has published a wide-ranging report called Doubting Darwin, exploring evolutionary and non-evolutionary beliefs in the UK today and their relationship with theism and atheism.

      The survey, conducted with polling company ComRes and independent research agency ESRO, was commissioned in the light of the apparent increase of anti-evolutionary sentiment in the UK. Its findings show that criticism of theistic evolution is in many ways as vehement as that of secular evolutionary theory.

      Respondents were opinion-formers within their respective communities: people who took an active interest in the evolution/creation debate and who sought to articulate and promote their opinions in public.

      The findings were surprising, according to Theos, and not least that ‘ultra Darwinists’ were often thanked by creationists for providing a good counter-argument for their position. One commented: ‘I think that Dawkins has been a good thing for Christianity’.

        Interviewees were mainly Christians, although there were a number of Muslims whose anti-evolutionary feeling was notably similar to that of Christians. The report said: ‘For those who have publicly argued that belief in God and belief in Darwinian evolution are compatible, Doubting Darwin will make uncomfortable reading’.



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