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News – Plodding or procession?

January 2010 | by Andrew Rowell

Plodding or procession?


About 70 people gathered in Carlisle for 24 hours this November for the Borders Banner of Truth Conference, the theme of which was ‘Encouraging God’s flock’.

     There were two sessions on the Friday evening. Ian Hamilton spoke from 2 Corinthians 2:12-17 of the Christian always being led in Christ’s triumphal procession, and described how he felt challenged by this Scripture after answering a question about how things were going with, ‘We are plodding on.’ William Carey famously described himself as a ‘plodder’, and there is a sense in which we all need to be plodders, but this does not do full justice to Paul’s perspective.

     Geoff Thomas spoke in his first session on the work of the pastor, using Psalm 23’s description of shepherding. The Saturday meetings included a helpful historical study from Phil Arthur on Luther’s great book The bondage of the will, and also Geoff Thomas’ second encouraging session on the work of a pastor.

     There was a closing, uplifting sermon from Phil Arthur on ‘The friends we cannot see’ – who are the mighty hosts of the Lord of hosts.


                                                            Andrew Rowell


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