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News – Gospel Advocate Relief Fund (GARF)

January 1970

Gospel Advocate Relief Fund (GARF)

GARF was founded in 1878 to help needy gospel ministers, their widows and dependants. It is still helping where churches are struggling to support their pastors.
GARF grew out of the Gospel Advocate magazine, first published in January 1869 by A. J. Baxter. The magazine’s aims were to unite and edify lovers of the doctrines of free and sovereign grace. Its articles were mainly devotional in nature, avoiding where possible the controversies that often marred the rival journals of those days.

Publication ceased in 1921, but after 86 years, the GARF Committee has decided to relaunch the magazine. Gospel Advocate will speak the same truths to our generation through a lively mix of devotional, historical, topical and scriptural articles.

Further information: [email protected]; or 01273 674453.