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Events – John Newton commemoration

June 2017

During March 2017, the John Newton Project celebrated a series of events, with an exhibition each working day at St Andrew by the Wardrobe, London.

The exhibition included additional material on Newton’s links with previous rectors of this church — William Romaine and William Goode — and on the Eclectic Society and Church Missionary Society (CMS), which met at the rectory of St Andrew’s for many years.

There were also special events, such as a half-hour communion service, followed by a viewing of Newton’s manuscripts for the Messiah sermons, Eclectic Society notes and sermon for ‘How sweet the name of Jesus sounds’.

There was also an evensong, with Jonathan Aitken and the English Chamber Choir participating. Archdeacon Luke Miller preached from Newton’s ‘Amazing Grace’ sermon, followed by a brief Newton concert by the English Chamber Choir.