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Ethics – Pregnancy advice centre

August 2017 | by Kevin Bidwell

Sheffield is getting a new Christian pregnancy advice centre (PAC) to help women with the difficult decisions they need to make about their pregnancies.

The aims of the Sheffield PAC are to save the lives of babies, minimise regret among women and present a Christian worldview for life.

Things have been busy behind the scenes with the refurbishment of the centre, a training course for advisers, the building of the PAC’s website and formal registration of the centre as a legal entity.

The building already has an advising room, a consulting room, entrance, reception and kitchen area, as well as a car park and transport links. However, we appreciate prayer for wisdom in advertising the centre; our policies and procedures to be put in place; building up awareness among Christians and churches, including fund-raising for the centre; strength and grace for workers there. (More information at

Kevin Bidwell