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Mission – Christian play centre

September 2017

A campaign has been launched to create the UK’s first dedicated Bible-themed play centre, in south Manchester.

The interactive discovery centre for children, which will be not-for-profit, will include a large play area, café and function room, and will be entirely based around the Bible. Called ‘The Hidden Treasure Discovery Centre’, its organisers claim it will be a great resource for the whole region.

Andy and Ruth Lancey, the visionaries behind the centre, said all the play equipment will use simple stories and biblical principles to help children understand vital truths as they play, such as ‘You matter’ and ‘God has a plan for you’.

There will be a rolling daily programme of stories, song time, craft and play. The centre will also help schools, young people, adults and families, both practically and spiritually through lessons, evening courses and special events.

The Lanceys said they felt called to sell their travel business and use their experience to develop the Christian play centre. The pair are supported by an experienced team as they look to raise the required £250,000 to get the project off the ground.

Once operational, the centre will not only be financially self-sufficient, but will fund several local youth and social action projects to benefit the wider community.

Ms Lancey said: ‘Many parents are struggling to provide sound emotional support and raise their children the way they would like, because of personal challenges and experiences. We’re so excited at the prospect of supporting families through the centre; educating them, sharing Jesus and helping thousands of children to realise their own God-given value and potential’.

The team has identified the ideal 7,500sq.ft. building, which it hopes will be open for Easter 2018. (Visit for more information or to offer support).