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Politics – Faith cap rule

June 2018

Former education secretary Justine Greening, has said she disagrees with the government’s proposal to abolish the 50 per cent faith cap rule. This cap means that new faith schools are not able to select more than half of their pupils on religious grounds.

Ms Greening, speaking to the Times Educational Supplement, said abolishing the cap would not help schools ‘bring children together’ or prepare them for life in modern Britain’. Although she said the 50 per cent discrimination cap had some shortcomings, she told the magazine she did not think it should be removed.

In September 2017, a report into integration by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Social Integration said: ‘Ensuring young people meet and mix with others from different cultures at school represents our best hope of building a Britain in which we are truly capable of looking beyond our differences. [But] our country’s school system too often reinforces and replicates division between communities’.

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