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Family – Overriding parental consent

September 2018

Alison Preuss
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Local authorities in Scotland have been caught out telling teachers to override parental consent by default. An instructional video — which was swiftly been removed after it came to light — told teachers to act this way because ‘otherwise you’ll have to show you obtained parent and child consent’.

Alison Preuss, of the Scottish Home Education Forum, said she was left ‘utterly dumbfounded’ by the video. She said: ‘I could not believe what I was seeing. You cannot do that and be compliant with data protection and human rights laws.’

The Scottish government has been trying to introduce a ‘named person’ scheme, where every child in Scotland is given a state-sponsored guardian. But a legal challenge by The Christian Institute and others stripped out key components of the government’s statutory plans.

However, the Scottish government is still trying to introduce some sort of non-statutory scheme. A spokesman for the No to Named Persons campaign said, ‘It’s another day, another delay and a whole lot more taxpayers’ money wasted on this embarrassment of a policy.’

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