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Persecution – Open Doors persecution survival training

November 2018

With violent persecution occurring almost daily in India and numerous churches vandalised, attacked or burnt, Open Doors is providing Persecution Survival Training to victims.

The training, run by its partners, helps Christians work through questions and equip them to face the persecution that may come in the future. The group says it is a vital lifeline as Christians can be incredibly isolated.

Sujit, a 34-year-old pastor from North India, was violently attacked a few months ago and forced by Hindu extremists to leave his village where he has been ministering for 15 years.

After the training he said, ‘In my distress, I was greatly comforted when God spoke to me through the teachings in the seminar where I was reminded of Mary and Joseph who also had to flee to Egypt when Herod was seeking to kill Jesus.

‘The lonely feeling in my heart also disappeared when I heard about so many people who were suffering with joy for Jesus. I was also able to share these teachings with my church members during my secret visits to my previous village.

‘I am thankful to people all over the world who are praying for people like us. I am amazed that God can compel people from different countries to pray for his people living in the remotest part of India.

‘I would request that everyone continue praying for the government of India and the protection of Christian leaders in the country’.

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