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Parents in Wales could lose sex lessons opt out

November 2019

Kirsty Williams
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Parents in Wales could lose their right to remove their children from sex and relationship classes under Welsh Government plans.

The proposal is currently part of an eight-week consultation. A previous consultation found that 89 per cent of respondents backed the right of parents to take children out of the classes.

But Education Minister Kirsty Williams said she believes it had always been an ‘anomaly’ that parents should have that choice.

She also wants to overhaul Religious Education so that non-religious worldviews are taught.

She has previously stated that the revised approach for relationships and sexuality education (RSE) will be ‘fully inclusive of all genders and sexualities and meets the needs of LGBTQI+ learners’.

However, Sian Rees, director of the Evangelical Alliance in Wales, said they wanted parents to retain the right to take their children out of RSE lessons.

‘We believe that age isn’t an indication of maturity and that these conversations are conversations that should perhaps be occurring within the home’, she said.

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