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Caretaker sues school over LGBT ‘mob rule’

January 2020

A Christian pastor and school caretaker is taking legal action against his former employer, a school, over what the Christian Legal Centre (CLC) called ‘capitulating to mob rule’.

Keith Waters, 53, sent a tweet stating that gay pride events were harmful to children and shouldn’t be attended by Christians.

Following this, he experienced a string of threats, including his wife having to answer the door to funeral directors, who had been sent to arrange his funeral.

Estate agents contacted him, having been told he was moving from the area in a hurry, and he was nearly knocked off his bike by an angry local resident in a car who wanted to remonstrate with him.

False rumours were spread that Pastor Waters was a child molester and there were calls from local councillors for Mr Waters to be investigated by police for a ‘hate incident’.

On top of this, Mr Waters was forced out of his position as school caretaker, and he is claiming the school capitulated to local LGBT activists’ mob rule.

According to the CLC, which is supporting Mr Waters, on Saturday 1 June 2019 he had sent out the following post on his Twitter account:

‘A reminder Christians should not support or attend LGBTQ “Pride month” events held in June. They promote a culture and encourage activities that are contrary to Christian faith and morals. They are especially harmful to children’.

But within minutes he had been accused of attacking the local LGBT community in Ely ahead of Pride events and, within days, the headteacher informed him he was being investigated for bringing the school ‘into disrepute’ after receiving a handful of complaints.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the CLC, said, ‘This is not a local issue distinct to Ely, but a growing intolerant and threatening trend towards, not just Christians, but anyone across the country who dares to oppose Pride.

‘Pastor Waters is right to say Christians should not attend gay Pride events as they are harmful to children. They often exhibit nudity and displays of an overtly sexual nature that no child should have to see.

‘If a Christian pastor can no longer say this publicly without receiving death threats, then we are living in very dangerous times’.

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