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Trans woman hounded by transgender activists

February 2020

Dr Debbie’s T-Shirt SOURCE Twitter page
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A transsexual, pro-trans rights activist faces being booted from an LGBT committee over repeated assertions that biological sex is fixed and cannot be changed.

Dr Debbie Hayton, who was born male but transitioned to female as an adult and now lives as a woman, has been targeted on social media and by colleagues on the committee because he states a transwoman is a man, and not a woman.

In July, Dr Hayton wore a T-shirt (pictured) which attracted online critics. They took a photo and sent it to the Trades Union Congress (TUC)’s LGBT committee, threatening to get Dr Hayton sacked.

Dr Hayton’s T-shirt enraged parts of the trans community, including 12 members of the LGBT committee, who wrote to the secretary general of the TUC saying Dr Hayton had ‘gone beyond discourse, and the expression of alternative viewpoints, and is now propagating hate speech against the trans community’.

They also criticised a newspaper column written by Dr Hayton, which said, ‘women are biologically male — in fact being male is the sole qualifying criterion to be a trans woman’.

Activists have also reported Dr Hayton’s tweets daily in an attempt to get Twitter officials to shut the account down, without success.

Despite having advocated for rights for the trans community, Dr Hayton asserts that trans people merely determine their sexual identity, not their biological sex. As a result, Dr Hayton is now facing expulsion from the committee.

Speaking on Twitter, Dr Hayton said, ‘We’ve slept-walked into a post-modern Orwellian nightmare where feelings and opinions trump facts and evidence’.

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